Found! Morfeo’s Adventure, part 2

Part 1:  Lost Cat, Help!  The Story of Morfeo’s Adventure
Martina kindly wrote up her story in Italian which is translated here.

“Morfeo is a 6 year old, neutered Persian. An Exotic Shorthair Red Tabby Tiger, to be precise.
On July 5, 2012 we arrived in the evening to hilly Trieste from Belluno where we live, about a two hour drive. Since he already knew the house, having lived with my parents there for a year, we let him in the garden to romp around. When it was time for Morfeo to come in and to go to bed, we saw that he’d ventured off into the neigboring yard. He was calm and gave us a sly look. It looked like he had no intention of getting up for there. That was at 10pm.
I went in to put my baby daughter Letizia to sleep. About 15 mins. later, I went out to bring in the cat…and there was no sign of him anywhere! I called out his name (which he usally responds to) and shook his dry food loudly. Not even the tinkle of his collar bell could be heard.

“Maybe he didn’t want to be found and wanted to stay out in the garden”, I thought since it was so hot. I went to bed and left the front door open in case he came back. I fell asleep briefly and I was worried. At 1am, I woke up and went out again to look for the cat in the streets nearby. Since I’m 6 months pregnant, climbing the stairs on the hillside was not a piece of cake. But this and more just to find my Morfeo again!
The search was fruitless and I return home to climb into bed. At 3am, I’m awake and out again looking for him. Hopefully, maybe, someone’s found him and I feel better knowing that he has a name tag with my cellphone number. I’m getting more desperate since I can’t find him…and think of the worst!

At 6am, I get up for the day and start to look for him everywhere. I went door to door in the apartment building nearby asking (& informing) the neighbors if they’ve seen Morfeo. I  re-inspected  the garden and courtyard where I’d last seen my cat last night. Not a sign of Morfeo.
Disheartened, I begin to prepare the flyers to post around the area with my lost cat’s photo. In the meanwhile, a thunderstorm transits over us and unleashes a heavy downpour. My  poor cat is out there somewhere, alone. Then, I decide to call my friend Giulia for help. She’s not only a cat lover but a ‘gattara’ here in Trieste.
Giulia puts me into contact with Kathy, a volunteer at the local cat shelter. And reveals to be my guardian angel! 🙂 Kathy advises me to double-check the last place I saw my cat. And to pay  close attention to any small openings or crevices where a frightened cat might’ve gotten himself through. Maybe scared off by a strange noise or something else…

I check the courtyard in neighboring apartment building, again. This time, I notice a grate with a slit about 5-6cm (about  2inches). The lady that’s with me says it goes down into the cellar. Luckily, my husband and I brought a flashlight. “Morfeo! Morfeo!”. Not a peep. We’re checking slowly but there’s no sign of the cat. Then, Thomas suddenly notices something…a blanket? It’s the same colore as the cat’s fur.
We wait a few minutes watching…and the blanket starts to move!!! It’s him!!!
We’re so happy, finally we’ve found him. Morfeo was stuck between an old bicycle and some carton boxes, but was fine. He didn’t even get wet in the afternoon downpour. Hungry and a little frightened he was thrilled to see us. Needless to say, he was super-cuddled all day. 🙂

Tired found cat, Morfeo at home finally! Fed, cuddled and on his cushion.

TIPS –  Plan B  Lost Cat Flyer
As soon as possible, prepare a flyer in Italian of your lost cat.  Put them up in all the usual places (telephone poles, trash containers, etc.) Then post them at all the veterinarian clinics in the area.

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