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In cities, towns, and medieval burghs all over Italy, there are animal rescue groups that assist cats & dogs and other pet animals. The best way to find a group of caring people is to ask your local veterinarian or petshop salespeople.  You can also visit Fiona’s great pet website for help and news about pets in Italy.

Depending on what city or town you’re in, there may be a local chapter of a national animal rights or welfare group that can help you contact a local association.  Here’s the all famous WAN Directory (World Animal Net) that really does have a good directory of  valid organizations, at least for Italy.

Following are links to cat rescue associations that home cats, accept donations and volunteers! Naturally, your level of the Italian language may or may not hinder actual volunteering efforts.

These are just a few of the cat rescue associations (private nonprofits) where I’ve met the volunteers or rescued kittens with.  The policies of these associations include helping local feline colonies with the spay/neuter campaigns. There are more famous Italian cat refuges  like in Rome, Venezia, Firenze.  Info is readily available in English about their groups in internet, like at Friends of Roman Cats. Little or big organizations, all the volunteers  work with passion caring cats and their people!

Last updated: 25-7-2015

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