Sardinia, a Mediterranean island’s striving animal welfare culture

Romney House Rescue group. Spay/neuter campaign in Alghero. 2013
Romney House Rescue group. Spay/neuter campaign in Alghero. 2013

Sardinia – Because of the island confinement and minimal animal welfare culture in Sardinia, many of the animal protection associations deal regularly with violence on domestic animals and obviously very few pet “owners” are willing to pay for spay/neuters of their indoor-outdoor pets. More often, cats and dogs aren’t even considered pets; they’re just part of the landscape. Here’s an article that describes quite well what the cultural perception about cats on the island. So from Olbia to Alghero  to Cagliari, Sardinia like Sicily is a hot-bed of stray cats and dogs.

The Romney House Cat Rescue based in the UK has a special section called The Italian Job which helps cats and dogs in Alghero.   I just received notice today from them of a violent and ruthlessly brutal attack by teenagars upon the cats in their  feline colony  in Alghero. Yes,  it was awful. .. “the cats were “tortured and killed with knives, stones and bats.” And that news prompted this post.  Silvana Valentino passionately cares for and organizes TNR events when she’s visiting her family home in Sardinia.

The Romney House Rescue is asking everyone for a hand with a donation for their  next spay/neuter campaign planned for July 2013 in Alghero.  Reducing the number of strays, reduces the chances of violence inflicted upon the innocent creatures. Don’t you agree?

photo sources: from Romney House Cat Rescue website, The Italian Job.

2 thoughts on “Sardinia, a Mediterranean island’s striving animal welfare culture

  1. Hi, i need some help please or some options… I am from Sardinia but I live in Australia. My mother should join us to live here soon, but she has 13 cats that she took off the streets. Where can they be sent to be looked after – is there a place we can call please? Thank you.

    • Hello Veronica,
      please check your email, have sent suggestions! Hope everything works out with your mother’s cats.

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