The Diary of a Cat Shelter Volunteer in Italy

My rescued cat, Silver

“Another blog about cats by a volunteer?”  Volunteering with cats is an amazing experience.  I’ve learned about cats,  about the people that deal with cats and about how an animal shelter is run in a country where domestic cats have lived in the culture for a couple of thousand years. Wow. I’ve become a cat lover in Italian.  Sounds kinky but it’s true.

In any case, this blog is on my  experiences as a volunteer in Italy.  Here’s a little bit more about me.

This is also my first time blogging so I’m learning as I go!  I hope to share my experiences with you as a catlover living in a foreign country, in an adopted culture.  It’s a special life experience volunteering with animals and learning to live in another culture. Afterall, miao is meow! Maybe that’s why working with cats has been special for me, the human – animal relationship goes beyond the spoken word.

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